Lampedusa, the responsibility of the European Union and its Member-States

Brüssel, 08. Oktober 2013

(Pressemittelung der JEF Europe)

The Young European Federalists [JEF-Europe] followed with great concern the dramatic events happened in the Sicily channel which caused death of more than one hundred-fifty migrants close to Lampedusa Island.

Expressing their deepest sorrow for what happened, they cannot forget to remind to decision-makers, political and civil society organizations, to all citizens, that Europeans hold a moral responsibility.

It is necessary to ensure to Member States affected by migration from Africa and the Middle East, logistical and humanitarian assistance, implementing the common policies on asylum and international agreements. Moreover, an effective repression policy must be

provided against criminal organizations involved in human trafficking and guilty by severe violations of human dignity.

The action of Europe must be dual: on the one hand, we need a common foreign policy to face great migrations causes, through diplomatic action in all international fora. On the other hand, we need common policies to ensure respect Migrants’ Human rights, starting from clear harmonization of European legislation on migration ensuring, collectively and

not only through the efforts of the Mediterranean states, the necessary humanitarian aid needed by asylum-seekers.

The Young European Federalists call for a single Immigration policy that should be implemented by the European Commission and managed by a special Immigration Office under the democratic control of the European Parliament which would determine the legal framework.

"Solidarity cannot be expressed just in words but in the facts. We need for political

answers by the EU institutions, from the European Parliament, Commission and European Council to the Member States. Nation-States cannot respond alone to this tragedies, but must pursue, with bravery, the way of the Political Unity. Just a federal Europe can guarantee a space of peace, solidarity and justice in the interests of European citizens and the whole world"– concludes Pauline Gessant, President of JEF-Europe.