Bundestag - Make it European 

Demo für ein demokratisches EuropaJEB Position on the German General Election

This coming Sunday marks the election of the nineteenth German parliament. Sophia Simon, chair of the Young European Movement (JEB), highlights how extremely important this is for Europe: “This next parliament will determine the direction of travel for Europe in the immediate future – if it’s a case of “same old, same old” or if it’s finally time for increased cooperation across the board, as outlined in the fifth scenario of the European Commission’s White Paper on the future of the European Union. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also used his speech on 13 September 2017 to stress the necessity of heightened cooperation between member states in certain key areas. The member states themselves, however, continue to drag their heels when it comes to deeper integration. The new German parliament could help shake off this reluctance, for Germany at least, and follow the first steps towards increased integration taken by the European Commission.”


The Young European Movement (JEB) has lent more weight to its position by joining together with other organisations as part of the campaign, The European Moment, in order to submit a petition to the German parliament. The petition will be soon available for signing at www.machs-europaeisch.eu/en/. New members of parliament will be asked to advocate for European voting rights, for increased democracy, effectiveness, and transparency in the European Union institutions, and for the rule of law to continue to be applied in all EU member states.

“Following the example of the 2014 European elections, the next Commission presidency must be closely linked to the results of the European elections. The Spitzenkandidat procedure must therefore finally be firmly enshrined in law. It is also essential for the European Parliament to have the right to hold a vote of no confidence in the Commission if it fails to do its duty,” urges Katja Sinko, vice-chair of the Young European Movement (JEB) and coordinator of the campaign, The European Moment.
“Some members of the European Parliament are walking all over the Union’s fundamental values such as democracy and the rule of law. This cannot be allowed to continue. Unfortunately, this is met with too much tolerance, including by parties represented in the German parliament. The German federal government must call for European processes to be set in motion to send a clear signal that such violations are not acceptable,” continues Felix Brannaschk, part of The European Moment and a member of the Young European Movement (JEB).

As a non-partisan political organisation, the Young European Movement (JEB) does not express a preference for the German election. “Nevertheless, the Young European Movement (JEB) encourages all those who are eligible to vote to exercise their democratic right and use their voice to ensure the influence of Eurosceptic parties in the German parliament remains as small as possible,” concludes Sophia Simon.